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As well as being very trendy right now, wallpaper does have quite a few advantages over plain, painted walls.


Why wallpaper?

 - Wallpaper allows you to bring more pattern and interest into your      home.

 - Wallpaper lets you show off your tastes and personality more easily

 - There is a wide choice of wallpapers available, to suit every style

 - Wallpaper can make a room feel cozier and more homely

 - Wallpaper can often disguise imperfections and uneven surfaces
on your walls


Of course, wallpapering is not as simple as painting … but the benefits can outweigh the extra effort and cost.
 Patterned wallpaper designs will consume more time to apply and remove than paint. But it will last for a good deal longer than paint will. In fact wallpapers available these days last for a minimum of 10-15 years, whereas re-painting has to be done as often as every 5-6 years. Having wallpaper is a very economical choice as it lasts 3-4 times longer than paint in normal conditions.


Nothing can match wallpaper as far as the aesthetic value it brings to a room. It adds to the look and feel of a room and can be used to add or create amazing effects using textured wallpapers.  A variety of wallpapers like paint yourself wallpaper, custom made wallpaper (wallpaper printed as per your choice of design/pattern), leather look, natural wall look, etc. are available. These kind of effects are difficult to get with paint.

Why is wallpapering more expensive?


It takes considerably more time to apply wallpaper as opposed to paint. Walls need to be cleaned and primed before papering and in some cases, where there is more than one layer of old wallpaper already on the wall, this needs to be removed first. Fixtures are mostly removed prior to hanging paper.


With patterned paper it takes time just to plan out the different strips and how to place them so that the pattern lines up and seams between strips are not bothersome to the eye.

The more doors, windows and fixtures there are in a wall, the more time it takes to hang paper. The paper needs to be cut carefully and precisely to fit around doors and casings and fixtures like bathroom cabinets and toilets. Powder rooms are especially difficult to paper because of the tight space, the amount of fixtures and the fact that only one person at a time can work in such a small room!


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